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Regions of the United States Literacy Reading Activities




If you want to infuse literacy instruction into your regions of the United States unit, this is the perfect resource for you! I have carefully crafted this resource to include a wide variety of texts for students to synthesize, research, and gather information. 

Students will embark on the trip of a lifetime as they explore the regions of the United States in a variety of ways. As they examine each set of resources, they will take notes on the different regions and compile them into a final Regions Scrapbook Project. Instead of only focusing on each broad region, students will also have the opportunity to dive deep into major cities and states within the regions to learn more about what makes each region unique.

The following high-quality regions reference and research resources are included:

  • Regions Magazines: These magazines are FULL of facts and information about each region in the United States.
  • City Trading Cards: Learn more about each region by learning about cities within the region! These trading cards offer fun, quick tidbits about major cities within the regions.
  • Travel Talk: Students will take a peek into conversations from travel agents to learn more about each region.
  • Regions/State Brochures: These double-sided trifold brochures are the perfect way for students to learn about cities within each region.

All resources include both color and black and white versions. I highly recommend printing the reference and research resources in color and laminating to use for years to come!

Other Resources Included:

  • Guided note taking pages for each region
  • Massive Scrapbook for students to complete once they have learned about each region
  • DIGITAL ACCESS for ALL resources via Google Slides

This is truly the only resource you’ll need for teaching Regions of the United States!

Do you want a MATH component? The cities featured in this resource align with the cities featured in my United States Regions Road Trip Budgeting project, making it the PERFECT companion! Find it here!

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