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Reading Skills Task Card BUNDLE OF ALL BUNDLES | Digital and Printable


An absolute must-have, MASSIVE digital and printable reading skills task card bundle. There are over 1,000 Reading Skills Task Cards in this huge discounted bundle of all my bundles (PLUS three free sets!) Many cards have multiple passages per card, including paired passages. This bundle of reading skills tasks cards includes 35 *Highly Rated* individual sets of task cards!

*NOTE: Nearly every set has been visually updated, professionally edited, digitized, and given a major refresh in 2019-2020! Enjoy this update.

The following sets include both a PRINTABLE and DIGITAL version:

Reading Skills Task Card Bundle (ALL Digital)

  • Sequencing Task Cards
  • Compare and Contrast Task Cards
  • Cause and Effect Task Cards
  • Story Elements Task Cards
  • Inference Task Cards
  • Main Idea Task Cards
  • Fact and Opinion Task Cards
  • Author's Purpose Task Cards

ADVANCED Reading Skills Task Card Bundle (ALL DIGITAL)

  • Main Idea Vs. Theme Task Cards
  • Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting Task Cards
  • Comparing Informational Texts Task Cards
  • Analyzing First and Secondhand Accounts Task Cards
  • Informational Text Structures Task Cards
  • Poetry Comprehension Task Cards

Context Clues Task Card Bundle (ALL DIGITAL)

  • Context Clues with Dictionary Definitions Task Cards
  • Multiple Meaning Words Task Cards
  • Fill in the Blank Context Clues Task Cards
  • Multiple Choice Context Clues Task Cards
  • Paragraph Context Clues Task Card

Reading Comprehension Task Card Bundle(ALL DIGITAL)

  • Fiction Comprehension Task Cards
  • Informational Text Comprehension Task Cards
  • Understanding Key Details Fiction Task Cards
  • Understanding Key Details Nonfiction Task Cards

Fluency Task Card Bundle (ALL Digital)

  • Fluency Task Cards
  • Expression Task Cards
  • Punctuation and Dialogue Task Cards
  • Affixes Task Cards

Cause and Effect Story Task Cards (DIGITAL INCLUDED)

Fiction Main Idea Task Cards (DIGITAL INCLUDED)

Point of View Task Cards (DIGITAL INCLUDED)

The following sets include only a printable PDF version unless otherwise noted:

Character Study Task Card Bundle

  • Character Change Task Cards (DIGITAL INCLUDED)
  • Character Conflict Task Cards (DIGITAL INCLUDED)
  • Inferring Character Traits Task Cards (DIGITAL INCLUDED)
  • Character Traits & Feelings Task Cards
  • Character Traits Match Up Task Cards

The value of each of these individual sets, if purchased alone, is over $120! This is nearly every reading skill task card in my store (with the exception of seasonal and full year bundles)!

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