Poetry Comprehension

Help your students to read and comprehend poetry with 18 Original Poems and 4 Poetry Comprehension Task Cards for each poem! Engage your students in learning about poetry with these fun poems and and engaging task card activities task cards.

What is included with these poetry comprehension task cards?

  • Half-page poems with four task cards
  • Full page printables with annotation tips and space to write answers
  • A GOOGLE SLIDES version for digital access and paperless practice
  • An answer key!

The poems offer a range of different topics and rhythm and rhyme schemes and are intended for poetry comprehension practice. The poems and comprehension questions range in complexity making it easy to differentiate.

A wide variety of figurative language is used as well as inference and references that require students to draw conclusions. These poetry task cards will challenge your students to truly think about poems!

Task Card Version Information: Each poem is presented on a half page and the task cards are a quarter page. You can shrink them while printing to fit the poem and task cards on one piece of notebook paper!

Please Note: These are original poems. Due to copyright concerns, poems by popular authors can't be included or referenced. I hope you and your students enjoy these fun (and occasionally insightful) poems!

How can I use these poetry comprehension task cards in my classroom?

  • As a whole class poetry comprehension activity or lesson
  • For early finishers
  • To extend learning
  • As a literacy center
  • Homework
  • Differentiated poetry comprehension practice
  • As a whole class game of ‘SCOOT’!

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