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Grammar Lessons | The Ultimate Bundle of Activities



Teaching grammar is EASY with this bundle of SIXY-SIX grammar activities for upper elementary. These high-interest activities are the perfect set of lessons for teaching grammar skills in fourth or fifth grades! 

How can I use these resources in my classroom?

Try setting up a weekly grammar rotation with the resources in the bundle! 

  • Days One and Two: Teach the skill with Giggles and Grammar.
    Day Three: Review the skill in a Grammar Flipbook (single page covering the same concept as Giggles and Grammar)
  • Day Four: Grammar Task Cards for independent practice
  • Day Five: Topple Blocks™ activity for independent practice


Giggles and Grammar – The Silliest Way to Teach Grammar (28 resources)

  1. Nouns and Verbs
  2. Adjectives and Adverbs
  3. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs
  4. Common and Proper Nouns
  5. Concrete and Abstract Nouns
  6. Possessive vs. Contractions 
  7. Irregular Verb Tenses
  8. Helping and Linking Verbs
  9. Conjunctions x 3 (Coordinating, Subordinating, Correlative)
  10. Interjections
  11. Pronouns
  12. Relative Pronouns
  13. Regular and Irregular Plural Nouns
  14. Possessive Nouns
  15. Prepositions
  16. Using commas after prepositions
  17. Subjects and Predicates
  18. Commas in a Series
  19. Dialogue
  20. Quotation Marks
  21. Simple and Compound Sentences
  22. Complex Sentences
  23. Fragments and Run-ons 
  24. Capitalization/Underlining Rules
  25. Verb Tenses
  26. Subject and Verb Agreement
  27. Pronoun and Antecedent Agreement
  28. Direct and Indirect Objects (**This resource is coming SOON)

Giggles and Grammar – Step-By-Step Teaching Slides
(8 lessons and counting!)

  1. Adjectives and Adverbs Grammar Lesson
  2. Capitalization Rules Grammar Lesson
  3. Commas in a Series Grammar Lesson
  4. Comparatives and Superlatives Grammar Lesson
  5. Conjunctions Grammar Lesson
  6. Fragments and Run-On Sentences Grammar Lesson
  7. Nouns and Verbs Grammar Lesson
  8. Underlining Rules Grammar Lesson

Grammar Skills Flip Books (5 resources)

*Each flip book covers multiple grammar concepts!*

*These flip books also include a digital version

  1. Grammar Skills Flip Book 1
  2. Grammar Skills Flip Book 2
  3. Grammar Skills Flip Book 3
  4. Grammar Skills Flip Book 4
  5. Types of Sentences Flip Book

Grammar Task Cards

*These cards also include a digital version

  1. Commonly Confused Words*
  2. Verb Tenses*
  3. Combining Sentences
  4. Prepositional Phrases*
  5. Run-Ons and Fragments
  6. Types of Sentences (Compound, Complex, Simple)
  7. Types of Verbs (Linking, Helping, Action)
  8. Possessive Nouns (Singular and Plural)
  9. Adjective and Adverbs (*44 task cards)

Grammar ToppleBlocks Activities

  1. Adjectives and Adverbs
  2. Affixes
  3. Contractions
  4. Conventions
  5. Dialogue
  6. Figurative Language
  7. Homophones
  8. Nouns
  9. Prepositions
  10. Reference Materials
  11. Root Words
  12. Sentence Structure
  13. Subject and Predicate
  14. Synonyms and Antonyms
  15. Types of Sentences
  16. Verbs

These GRAMMAR LESSONS are the easiest way to plan out your grammar in upper elementary, and they're SO much fun!

Grade Levels: These resources are best for grades 3 and up.

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