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  • Back to School Growth Mindset Printable and Digital Activities


    Your students will absolutely love learning about growth mindset with this 9-page student growth mindset journal, featuring five sets of growth mindset paired passages and four pages of growth mindset introduction. I designed this growth mindset journal to be a comprehensive introduction to and teaching tool for encouraging a growth mindset in students. This journal…

  • Back to School Math Project


    Engage your students at the end of the year with this digital and printable 15 page road trip themed back to school math project for upper elementary! It is FUN for students and the perfect way to gauge your students’ math, problem solving, and critical thinking abilities at the end of the year. Students in…

  • Back to School Reader’s Theater Scripts


    Fluency and comprehension are at the heart of upper grades reading instruction, and these back to school reader’s theater plays have been carefully designed to review both! My students absolutely LOVE reader’s theater, and I love all the benefits they provide. I set out to create a set of Reader’s Theater that helps students practice…

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