Winter Sports Reading Project and Activities

Are your students eager to learn more about the winter sports played during the winter games? This reading project includes EVERYTHING you need to incorporate the winter games into your literacy instruction this year

In this reading and literacy project, students learn about many fascinating winter sports! They will practice their critical reading skills and create a winter games adventure for their own town!

This winter sports reading project includes:

  • 11 pages of texts & reading skill review tasks
  • Fact Tracker
  • Choice Board
  • Digital Version
  • Answer Key

The following winter sports, types of sources, and reading skills are included:

  • Curling – Online Search Results – Using Context Clues
  • Bobsledding, Skeleton, Luge – Encyclopedia Entry – Compare & Contrast
  • Ski Jumping – Postcard & Newspaper Article – Comparing First & Secondhand Accounts
  • Downhill Skiing – Magazine Page – Text Features
  • Snowboarding – Interview with Shaun White – Summarize, Paraphrase, Quote
  • Figure Skating – Museum Information Placard – Sequencing
  • Speed Skating – Nonfiction Book Excerpt – Text Evidence, Author’s Purpose 
  • Ice Hockey – Journal Entries – Point of View & Perspective 

While this covers the winter games, this resource is not Olympic-specific and can be used year after year!

This winter sports resource is a great way for students to practice nonfiction reading skills and strategies while learning about popular and interesting winter sports played around the world!

Students will read articles, passages, books, encyclopedia entries, and more, then answer questions about each sport. Then, students will choose one fun activity from the choice board to complete and share about the excitement of winter sports!

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