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Weekly Math Quick Checks 5th Grade



Easily assess your students’ math skill progress with this rigorous and engaging weekly math review resource. Each week reviews critical 5th grade math skills, operations, and multi-step problem solving. Use these 5th grade math quick checks as weekly quizzes, homework, morning work, or review!

Important Note: This 40-week Math Skill Review is the perfect companion to the 5th Grade Math Skill of the Day to be used as accompanying homework OR an end of the week quiz on Fridays.  It follows the same scope/sequence as the weekly journal and reviews the same skills as the journal each week.  The math skills are continually spiraled throughout the 40 weeks. HOWEVER, the resource also stands alone as a set of weekly math quick checks  that can be used as weekly math quizzes, weekly math homework, a quick math assessment, and more!

This math skill review resource for 5th grade includes:

  • 40 Weeks of Math Skill Quick Check
    • 4 Weeks of 4th Grade Review
    • 36 Weeks of 5th Grade Content
  • Digital Versions via Google Slides
  • Answer Keys

EVERY 5th Grade Math Standard is Covered:

→Algebraic Thinking

  • Evaluate and Write Expressions
  • Numerical Patterns (Including Fractions)
  • Order of Operations

→Numbers in Base Ten

  • Place Value Skills
  • Powers of Ten
  • Decimals


  • All Operations with Decimals
  • Multi-Digit Multiplication
  • Long Division


  • All Operations with Fractions
  • Fraction Skill Review
  • Area with Fractional Lengths

→Measurement, Data, and Geometry

  • Converting Measurements
  • Line Plots with Fractions
  • Volume
  • Coordinate Grids
  • 2D Figure Attributes

I have taken great care to create this resource with student learning in mind, ensuring that all skills are practiced in many different ways and that they aren't included in the quick checks until they have been introduced in most classrooms.

**Please see preview for more detailed information about the skills practiced**

How to use this resource: You can use these math quick checks as morning work, as a warm-up, as whole group or small group practice, nightly homework, a weekly math assessment or quiz and more. The options are endless!

Printable and Digital Notes: Each week is on two pages or slides so that your students have plenty of room to complete and show their work.

The pages print beautifully in color, but look great in black and white, too!

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