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Weekly Creative & Critical Thinking Journal #1



Think It Through is a 20-week journal designed to ENGAGE, enrich and extend your students' creative, critical, and reflective thinking. This weekly journal is perfect as a bell-ringer, morning work, or early finisher journal.

What's included in each set? Each of the 20 sheets begins with a child-friendly quote to interpret. I have found that interpreting quotes challenges students to really think about what they are reading and helps with the tricky skill of inference. The second activity always has something to do with words and vocabulary building, and the third critical thinking or creative thinking activity varies, but often has some connection to an event or date during that week.

*Note: Set #2 (January-June) can be found HERE *

OR you can purchase a FULL YEAR BUNDLE HERE!

There are four different formatting options to choose from:

1) Each of the 20 sheets is labeled with a specific week (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc.) during which to use it. (August-December) (NEW & OLD VERSION)

2) Each of the 20 sheets has a blank “Week of_______” label but still includes monthly symbols and references within the activities. These can be used at any time during the month. (OLD VERSION ONLY)

3) Each of the 20 sheets has no week and no monthly references and can be used any time. (NEW & OLD VERSION)

4) A digital version created for Google Slides. Perfect for paperless classrooms or virtual learning!

Check out the preview and zoom in to see examples of the pages!

Here are some ways they can be used:

  • Weekly Homework
  • Enrichment
  • Early Finishers
  • Center Work (Great for Writing and Work Work Centers!)
  • Morning Work
  • Morning Message
  • Brain Breaks

…whatever you can dream up!

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: The number of printable pages is TWENTY(20). The total file size is over 60 because there are three different ways for you to print the same document so that it is flexible for your classroom. If you have any questions about this, please ask before purchasing. Thank you!


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