Valentine’s Day Math Task Cards

Engage your upper grades students (Grades 4+) with these 44 Valentine's Day Math Task Cards! This differentiated set includes 24 cards that cover 4th grade Common Core Standards and 20 cards that cover 5th grade Common Core Standards, making them the perfect review, differentiation, and enrichment activity for fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.

The 20 Task Cards Aligned to 5th Grade Math Standards Include:

  • Fraction Operations
  • Coordinate Graphing & Line Plots
  • Patterns
  • Area & Perimeter
  • Decimal Concepts
  • Decimal Operations
  • Writing Expressions
  • Volume
  • Measurement
  • and MORE!

The 24 Task Cards Aligned to 4th Grade Math Standards Include:

  • Multi-step Problem Solving (All 4 operations)
  • Fraction Concepts
  • Advanced Place Value Concepts
  • Multi-Digit Multiplication
  • Long Division
  • Geometry
  • Angles
  • and MORE!

Use the Valentine's Day Math Task Cards together or separately for easy differentiation and enrichment. This packet also includes a recording sheet for student answers and an answer key.

These math task cards also include a DIGITAL, Google Slides version that can be used in Google Classroom for distance learning.

What Teachers Are Saying…

“I used this with my 4th grade enrichment group. I hung them around the room and let the students move around as they needed to complete each question. It was an easy activity and allowed for movement as well as math practice.” – Kelly P.

“Great way to reinforce math skills while having a good time!” – Kathleen G.

“Wonderful resource to use for the month of February! My students were truly challenged and taken by these cards.” – Miss T

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