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Using Context Clues to Infer Character Traits | Digital and Printable



A set of 32 digital and printable character traits task cards that require students to use context clues and inference to fill in the appropriate character trait.

Each card contains clues about a character and a blank that students must fill in to describe the character. Cards 17-32 have two blanks, most often requiring students to think of close synonyms, and in some cases, requiring students to use antonyms to describe the character.

This resource includes both a PRINTABLE and DIGITAL version!

I suggest beginning this lesson by having students use the character trait sort cards on pages (included) and sorting them into categories (recording sheets included). Each sorting card is a suggested or appropriate answer for one of the task cards. I had my high level students do the sort and then put the cards away. They had to fill in the blanks on the cards with word they came up with on their own. For students who needed reinforcement, they used the cards OR the character trait list (included) to fill in the blanks.

MORE DIFFERENTIATION: If you don’t need each student to do 32 cards, the first 16 cards are most appropriate for students who need more reinforcement, and cards 17-32 are more appropriate for students who have grasped the concept (since they have to fill in TWO blanks).

You can use this as a whole group lesson, a small group lesson, or in learning centers!

Common Core Aligned:

RL 3.3

RL 4.3

RL 5.3

Check out the preview and ZOOM IN to see detailed examples.

**These are also included in my CHARACTER STUDY TASK CARD BUNDLE!**

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