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TWAMV’s Filing Cabinet of Teaching Resources



I created this “filing cabinet” document as a place to quickly share small resources I use in my classroom. These are not fancy resources, and they have often been created in just a few minutes. It is my hope that by creating this file cabinet, I will be able to more readily share these small resources in a timely manner. I expect to update this filing cabinet frequently as I create for my classes! Please follow me on Instagram for updates. Enjoy!

Resources Currently Included:

Factors, Multiples, Prime, and Composite Numbers Notebook Pages

Transition Sentences Practice

Floating M & S M&Ms and Skittles Experiment Notebook Pages

Main Idea and Details Power Point

Multiplication and Division Fact Families Notebook Page

Novel Progress Tracker

Oreo Stacking Notebook Page

Learning Never Takes a Break Student Printable

Partial Products Game

Other Resources You May Enjoy:

Using Pictures to Teach Reading Skills

Topple Blocks for Reading Skills


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