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Titanic Reading Fluency Task Cards



40 Non-Fiction TITANIC Reading Fluency Task Cards with varied sentence types to help your students practice their oral reading fluency! Perfect small group, whole group, or independent center fluency activities.

Throughout the 40 cards, the story of the Titanic is told. From its construction, to its passengers and sinking, your students will be engaged no matter what order they read the cards!

What's included in this Reading Fluency Task Card download?

  • 40 non-fiction Titanic reading fluency cards
  • A DIGITAL, Google slides version, perfect for assigning passages digitally!

How can I use these reading fluency passages in my classroom?

You can use them in a variety of ways. I had each of my students read each card three times (repeated readings) in an independent reading center. I have also had students read the cards to each other, taking turns, in an independent center. I also had a teacher use them to do a quick reading warm up, giving each student a card, and having him or her read it out loud to the entire class. You can use these 32 different times for warm ups, giving students a different card each time!

However you choose to use them, have fun!

I began creating the original fluency task cards for my students to practice their fluency of phrases and sentences. I found a lot of LONG fluency passages, and I found a lot of short sentences or phrase passages, but I wanted something different, so I created these, with various sentence structures, dialogue, punctuation, expression, etc. that students commonly find in texts.

My students and I love color, but these cards print perfectly fine in black and white, too! Ideal for grades 3+

What are teachers saying about Titanic Reading Fluency Task Cards?

I have children obsessed with the Titanic! They can't stop talking about these cards. ” – Debra K.

“Great small group fluency activity to go along with our Titanic Unit!” – Tiya G.

“Another highly engaging and fun way to increase fluency!” – Hairy Scary Teaching


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