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Titanic Passenger Research Activity



Dig into history and research the passengers aboard the Titanic with this printable and digital reproduction of tickets aboard the Titanic! Use the interactive, Google Slides version to explore and research 36 different Titanic. Each of the 36 different tickets uses the real names of Titanic passengers.

**This resource was COMPLETELY updated April 2021**

What is included in this Titanic Passenger Tickets Research Activity?

This activity comes in three versions (see the ‘PREVIEW' for a visual of each version).

  • Individual Passenger Tickets: A set of 6-per-page passenger tickets. These tickets tell vital statistics about the passenger including their name, age, and travelling class. I hand these tickets out to my students at the beginning of our Titanic unit and have each student complete research their passenger. Students try to discover why their passenger was on the Titanic and whether they lived or died in the sinking.
  • Full Page Ticket with Passenger Info: A full-page version of each passenger ticket. These tickets tell vital statistics about each passenger as well as who they were travelling with, why they were travelling, and how they fared the night of the sinking. Perfect for classrooms that may not be able to access research materials for each student, or want to learn a bit more about each passenger.
  • Interactive Digital Version: The digital, interactive, Google Slides, version! In this version, students can click to navigate through the slides and learn about the passengers. Each digital ticket also links to relevant websites so that students can conduct further research!
  • Research and biography worksheet pages to guide student research are also included (in both printable and digital versions).

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What do I need to complete this Titanic Passenger Research Activity?

To dig a little deeper into the lives of these Titanic passengers, you can use the following resources to research the passengers:

For classrooms without access to technology or research materials, the full-page passenger tickets have enough information on them to do some basic research about each of the 36 passengers!

What are teachers saying about this Titanic Research Activity?

These were SO GREAT for our Titanic Unit! It was so much fun and really brought the story to life to assign each student a passenger. We used this jumpstart discussions, writing prompts, as well as learning how to research, as we each did a research project on our passenger!” – Ellie S.

“Great way to really hook the kids on the topic of Titanic and make them use their multiple perspective lens to learn about it. A truly wonderful resource.” – Suzie B.

“This was a lot of fun to do with students! We did a mini unit on the Titanic on the anniversary of its' sinking, and it allowed students to make connections to real people. It was a lot of fun!” – Maddie S.

*If you purchase the Titanic Bundle Pack, please do not purchase these separately. They are included in the Complete bundle!**


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