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Titanic Activities Bundle



HUGE Titanic bundle of Titanic reading comprehension resources, activities, PowerPoint, and SO much more! Your students will love the Titanic even more after diving into their study of the ship using these resources! Cover the basics and the more unique aspects of the Titanic with these literacy, math, and social studies connections.

**Most parts are now accessible in Google Slides for Distance Learning!

These Titanic activities cover everything from the construction of the Titanic to the discovery of the ship on the bottom of the Atlantic. Unique aspects, such as the controversial Bruce Ismay and the debate about bringing artifacts up from the Titanic, will intrigue your students!

I have designed these resources to be highly engaging but also aligned to standards.

A note on the creator of these resources: I have authored two published children's books about the Titanic, have been a member of the Titanic Historical Society for years, and have been a self-professed Titanic enthusiast since I was 8 years old. So much love and care has gone into creating these resources to honor the passengers and their loved ones while telling the story of one of the greatest maritime disasters.

Included in this packet (bolded items are included in Google Slides):

Reading Comprehension Resources:

→2 Titanic Timelines and Comprehension Questions

→Bruce Ismay Passage and Comprehension

→Titanic Overview Passage with Vocabulary Review

→Titanic Novel Choice Boards (To be used with any book about the Titanic)

→ Text Structures on the Titanic Mini Books

  • Includes 3 Passages with Questions

→Comparing Multiple Accounts of the Same Event & Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts

  • Includes 4 Pages of firsthand accounts from notable passengers
  • Includes a detailed secondhand account
  • Short bios of each firsthand account author
  • 3 Printables for comparing the accounts & Answer Key

Writing Resources:

→Conservation or Restoration Debate

  • Includes an informational Article, Graphic Organizer, and Persuasive Writing Assignment

Titanic Research Resources:

→Waterfall Booklet template for research throughout the unit

→Titanic Web Resources (A list of my favorite Web Resources for Teaching the Titanic)

→36 Titanic Passenger Tickets & Passenger Bios (My best Titanic seller!)

→Titanic Passenger Research Printables

→Titanic People to Know Posters and Mini Posters

→32 Titanic Task Cards

→Titanic Quiz (With Answer Key)

→Titanic Overview PowerPoint (In both PDF format and PowerPoint format)

Titanic Math & Social Studies Resources:

→Titanic Math (Free resource)

→Graphing the Titanic

→Titanic Map, Labeling, and Comprehension Questions

This resource was completely updated in 2018 with further updates in 2020 and 2021.


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