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Teaching Theme and Topic



Do you struggle to get your students to see the difference between the TOPIC and the THEME of a text? This resource was designed with them in mind!

Students will read 16 engaging, high-interest stories and write a one word topic and a longer, more thoughtful theme for each one.

After finding such amazing success using my best-selling Main Idea vs. Theme Task Cards to help students differentiate between a main idea/central idea statement and a theme statement, I decided this, too, was a much-needed piece of the puzzle.

This Resource Includes:

  • 16 High-Interest Stories
  • Half-Page Task Card Option with Recording Sheet
  • Full-Page Printable Option
  • DIGITAL ACCESS via Google Slides
  • Suggested Answer Key

Why? While we tend to teach theme in isolation, may students end up writing topics instead of themes. For example, instead of a theme of “It's always best to tell the truth,” many students will write “Honesty” as the theme. This resource challenges students to do both! Write the topic AND the theme so that they get used to the difference and are better able to develop these critical close reading skills.

Please view the preview for a more detailed look at what's included.

Happy Teaching!


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