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Story Elements Match Up FREE



Included in this FREE Story Elements Match Up Set are TWO sets of Story Elements Match Up Cards! The first set includes eight familiar fairytales with a Character, Setting, problem, and Solution card for each. The second set includes other characters from pop culture and the problems and solutions are much more brief. The second set is perfect for differentiation and for writing main idea statements using the cards.

I created this Story Element Match to teach my third graders about story elements, main idea, and summary writing. We started with story elements, where they sorted all the elements into piles (Top categories have red borders). Then, They put all of the cards together to form a main idea statement (Setting, Characters, Problem, Solution), and then later in the year, we wrote short summaries of possible scenarios using the main idea statements.

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Check out my BLOG POST HERE that shows pictures of how to use this freebie!

Have fun!


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