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Want to play SCOOT in your classroom? This freebie will help you set up the routines and allow students to practice playing SCOOT so that you are ready to play!

I designed this set of SCOOT Task Cards to better prepare my students for playing SCOOT! We play SCOOT all year long, for a wide variety of topics. It is an excellent way to use task cards to quickly review concepts. However, without clear boundaries, SCOOT can be a disaster! So, I created this set to use at the beginning of the year to simply practice how and how not to play SCOOT! It is a fun, engaging set of cards that shows examples and non-examples and teaches students the basics of the activity, especially because students can have a hard time transitioning from card to card silently and quickly. Allow 45 seconds to a minute for each round then SCOOT! I hope your students enjoy them, and I hope it makes it easy to begin playing SCOOT in your classroom!

Please Note: There are 32 cards, and I highly encourage you to use all 32, regardless of the number of students you have. Leaving some seats blank will help kids through the transitions when you have absent students but still want to use all of the cards in a set. There are also a few cards that DO NOT have the students write anything in them, and this is again a way to practice writing in the correct box, dependent upon which card you are working on.

**I expect my students to play SCOOT in silence and with a sense of urgency, which is why I have included several non-examples of silence.

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