School Staff Teacher Awards

*The BEST SELLING Staff Awards on TpT!** Teachers deserve awards, too! Your staff and colleagues are going to LOVE getting their very own recognition with these staff awards! These are perfect for the end of the year or teacher appreciation week at your school! Included are 80 unique staff awards to hand out. I have also included a blank one for you to create your own! Just download the FREE font KG Summer Sunshine Blackout and create your own awards!


100+ Student End of the Year Awards

The teacher awards included are…

Professional Development Diva

Mama Bear

Pinterest Professional

Passion for Planning

Fashionista Teacha

Terrifically Techy Teach

Bonafide Bulletin Board Builder

Lunch Room Ruler

The Night Owl

The Early Bird

The Data Ninja

Absolutely Amazing Anchor Chart Artist

Listening Ear

The Patience of a Saint

Goodie Goddess (for the person who always brings treats!)

Green for the Greater Good

PLC Princess

RTI Idol

Cheery Cheerleader

Energizer Bunny

The Kid Whisperer

The Queen of Committees

Captain of Car Duty

Most Envied Organizer

Heart of Gold

Fire Marshall’s (not-so-good) Friend (for the person with way too much on their walls)

Happy Hoarder (for the teacher who keeps everything)

School Zookeeper

Just One of the Kids

Last Minute Copy Maven

The Incredibly Immune Instructor (for the teacher who never gets sick)

Level-Headed Leader

Fit & Fabulous Faculty Member

Rock Star of Rigor

Dutiful Differentiator

The (I survived and thrived as a) First Year Teacher

The Diplomat

School Supply Addict

Terrific Team Player

The (I can always count on you for) Comic Relief Colleague

School Spirit Superstar

Master Hall Monitor

Top Chef

Most Lovable Laugh

Pretty in Pink

Man of Many Hats

Grit and Guts

Perfectly Poised



Crafty Coordinator

Garden Guru

Pocket Full of Sun Shine

Queen of Creativity

Cool, Calm, and Collected

MAP Master

PARCC Professional

Pump You Up Award

Mr. Fix It

Ms. Fix It

Classroom Clown

Thomas Edison Award

Cool As a Cucumber

Spunky and Spirited

The Right Hand “Man” Award

Copy Machine Queen

Task Card Queen

PBL Powerhouse

Workshop Wonder Woman

Queen of Caffeine

Social Butterfly


Learning Goal Guru

Cafeteria Supervision Sensation

The Organized Chaos Award

Attendance Ace

Gradual Release of Instruction Rock Star

Betty Crocker Award

Cooperative Learning Leader

MTSS Master

PBIS Rewards Wizard

*Updated 4/30/18*

Note: The preview shows the year “2014-2015” on each certificate. After several requests, I have now left the year portion blank. You can add it, or any other information, in the editable version. 🙂

I have included a PDF version as well as a semi-editable version in PowerPoint for you to insert names.

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