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Reflection Task Cards for Interactive Notebooks



Are you loving interactive notebooks in your classroom? Then I surely hope that these task cards can make your teaching a little bit easier, and perhaps more effective, long long lasting, and engaging! Included in this set are 4 PROOF task cards and 4 REFLECTION task cards for every Common Core Standard in the Operation & Algebraic Thinking domain. {40 TASK CARDS TOTAL}.

I have so many phenomenal interactive notebook resources, and I love the concept of providing proof of learning as well as reflection on learning. However, I was always scrambling to come up with ideas of what students could do to prove their learning and reflect on their thinking with each standard I taught. So, I decided to create these task cards aligned to each Common Core Standard!

**Reflection Cards have students answer procedural questions, explain their thinking, and think critically about mathematically relationships.

**Proof Cards require students to complete tasks specific to the standard that will demonstrate understanding of the concept.

You can use these cards in a variety of ways. You can let students choose between the 8 choices for proof and reflection, you can give one different card to a group of students and have each group share their proofs and reflections, or you can use them to differentiate by choosing the cards that work best for your classroom! You can also use these task cards in an independent learning center for students to complete after you have done an interactive notebook entry together! The possibilities are endless.

Due to the reflective and task-based nature of these cards, there is NO answer key and no recording sheet included (your notebooks are your recording sheet)!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask before purchasing.


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