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Presidential Elections



Are you looking for a comprehensive resource to teach the presidential election process? This is it! I have created a non-biased, kid-friendly, and super engaging resource for students to learn all about the elections. This resource does not specifically address either candidate for the 2020 presidential election. It has been externally reviewed by multiple sources to ensure accuracy, facts, and a non-biased stance. You can feel confident about teaching the election with this resource!

What's Included:

  • Complete Guide to the Presidential Election (See “The Format” below)
  • Brochure Template for students to complete as they read
  • Discussion and Reflection Questions for the text
  • THREE Digital Options via Google Slides
  • Suggested Answer Guide

The Format: This resource includes a 20 page* booklet for teaching the election in an engaging way that students will truly understand. On the LEFT side of the booklet, students follow along with the fictional story of Maria's class as they hold their own mock election nominating, campaigning, and voting for a field trip location. On the RIGHT side of the booklet, a page of information text, pictures, and text features explains the actual election processes that correspond with Maria's classroom election experiences. Together, each set of pages creates a comprehensive learning experience for students to truly understand and relate to the election process. This is the ultimate paired passages resource to teach the election!

The following Elements are included in the booklet:

  • Table of Contents
  • The History of Voting
  • Political Parties
  • Presidential Candidates
  • The Electoral Process
  • Political Conventions
  • Campaigning
  • Election Day
  • After the Election
  • Glossary of bolded terms

*I have included multiple versions of the booklet for easy printing. When printed double-sided with the half-page option, this booklet takes 5 pages to assemble. You can print double-sided and fold to turn it into a booklet, single-sided for easy packet printing. If you'd like to pick and choose which pages to use, all pages also come in a full-page version so you can individually print the fiction story and informational text.

Digital Access Information: I have provided multiple digital options for your students. There are two options to use the original booklet format. One is a read-only e-book style format. The second has the booklet text along with the discussion questions and interactive annotation elements on the page. If you would prefer single pages of the fiction and informational text versions in Slides for easier readability, I have also included those! Finally, there is a digital version of the discussion questions, each on their own page with text boxes included.

Grade Levels: This resource is best-suited for grades 3+. Students in grades 3-4 would HIGHLY benefit from completing this resource WITH teacher guidance.



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