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Point of View Reading Project



Reading projects make learning fun! Engage your students in this detailed 7-page point of view and perspective reading project that is perfect for upper elementary.

Students will love practicing their point of view and perspective skills while planning and analyzing many aspects of The Concert of the Year! Students get to choose who is performing at their concert, and as they complete their point of view and perspective tasks, they earn concert items to fill their backpacks and get ready for the show.

This project is best suited for grades 4+. It goes beyond the typical task of simply identifying point of view and requires students to think critically about point of view and perspective.

Please see the preview for a closer look at the project pages as well as the additional components!

HAVE FUN with this project! Dress up like a rock star as you introduce it and listen to fun music as they complete their production! Your students will be so engaged they won't even realize all the point of view and perspective content they are practicing.

You can have your students complete this as a whole class, in small groups, or as a fun at-home project.

DIGITAL Component included for access in Google Slides

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