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Patterns Task Cards | Digital and Printable



Engage your students with 44 digital and printable Patterns and Functions Task Cards. Patterns and Functions can be practiced and mastered with these cards, and these are a great supplement to any curriculum. Answer Key and Recording Sheets Included.

This resource includes both printable task cards as well as digital task cards in Google Slides.

The following skills are reviewed in these task cards:

  • Function Tables
  • Input/Output Tables
  • Geometric Growth Patterns
  • Increasing Growth Patterns
  • Word Problems with Numeric Patterns
  • Picture Patterns

Check out my preview for a sampling of the task cards in this set!

These pair perfectly with my Patterns and Functions Printables Packet or my Patterns and Functions Topple Blocks Game!

This resource is aligned to the following standards but can be adapted to a wide variety of state standards on patterning and function machines/boxes.

4.OA.5. Generate a number or shape pattern that follows a given rule. Identify apparent features of the pattern that were not explicit in the rule itself. For example, given the rule “Add 3” and the starting number 1, generate terms in the resulting sequence and observe that the terms appear to alternate between odd and even numbers. Explain informally why the numbers will continue to alternate in this way.

5.OA.3. Generate two numerical patterns using two given rules. Identify apparent relationships between corresponding terms. Form ordered pairs consisting of corresponding terms from the two patterns, and graph the ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. For example, given the rule “Add 3” and the starting number 0, and given the rule “Add 6” and the starting number 0, generate terms in the resulting sequences, and observe that the terms in one sequence are twice the corresponding terms in the other sequence. Explain informally why this is so.


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