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Nonfiction Novel Study




Novel study made easy! This nonfiction novel study journal focuses on many different reading skills before, during, and after reading any nonfiction book or novel. Your students will absolutely love engaging with ANY novel using these higher-level tasks.

This is the perfect versatile resource to use when reading a fantasy novel… and there are so many ways to use it

Try using this nonfiction novel study journal for:

  • Whole Group Book Studies
  • Small Group Novel Studies
  • Independent Novel Studies

A wide variety of reading skills are addressed throughout the novel study journal:

Before Reading Skills:

  • Make Connections
  • Finding Text Features
  • Exploring the Purpose for Reading

During Reading Skills:

  • Making Connections
  • Inferencing
  • Domain Specific Vocabulary
  • Text Structures
  • Text Features

After Reading Skills:

  • Reflecting on the Main Idea
  • Reflecting on the Text Features
  • Whole Book Reflections

Use and Prep Options

  • Flipbook with tabs Version – Designed to be printed double-sided and assembled into a single booklet
  • Full Page Version – this one needs NO prep! Use one page at a time, select only the pages you want, or bind all the pages together.
  • Ink friendly versions are black and white and ready to be photocopied using less toner.
  • Digital on Google Slides (Full Color)

Differentiation is Easy!

All options include two versions: beginner or advanced. You choose the level that is right for your students! 

Your students will love studying novels with these differentiated novel study journals. They’re fun to use and so easy to prep! 

Looking for more novel study journals that work with ANY novel? 

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Need more engaging novel study activities? Look no further!


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