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Using text exemplars as mentor texts to help students identify specific parts of narrative writing will be a game-changer in your instruction! Every time I teach a specific component of writing — like developing the plot in a piece of narrative writing– I end up writing my own example as a mentor text for students to dissect.

After doing this for years, this incredible set of mentor texts was designed specifically to help you teach students about specific parts of writing. I have provided a model text, annotation guides and questions, and components that will help your students clearly identify and emulate the important parts of writing.

This resources includes TWO narrative mentor texts to be used as exemplar models for students.

  • Narrative Text Exemplar 1: A Birthday at the Zoo
  • Narrative Text Exemplar 2: Black Tie Affair

This narrative text exemplar resource includes:

  • A mini anchor chart with all of the components of Narrative writing
    • Example: Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Plot, Setting, Characters, Word Choice, etc.
  • One-page versions of each text only
  • Two-page versions of each text specifically for annotating 
  • Four pages of practice (per text) with the text broken down into sections with annotation guides and questions – That's 8 pages of practice total!
  • A one-page backwards plan guide for students to recreate a plan that the author may have used to plan his or her writing
  • A rubric for students to “grade” each narrative text
  • Double-sided booklet options with annotation notes only
  • Answer Keys
  • Digital Access in Google Slides

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