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Multiplication Task Card Bundle | Digital and Printable


This set of 230 multiplication task cards provides ample opportunities for your students to practice multiplication (and a few division) skills.

ALL SETS INCLUDE A DIGITAL VERSION in either Google Forms or Google Slides.

The Following Individual Task Card Sets are Included:

  • Multiplication Word Problem Task Cards Common Core, One step and Multi Step: A set of 32 word problem task cards for your Common Core classroom learning multiplication! The first 16 cards are one step, one by two, three or four digit multiplication. The second 16 cards are multi-step, one by two, three, or four digit multiplication.
  • Factors and Multiples Task Cards: A set of 28 task cards and answer key for practicing Factors and Multiples. Help your students differentiated between these two different vocabulary terms by practicing with these task cards!
  • Multiplication ARRAY Task Cards: A set of 32 Multiplication Array Task Cards aligned to Common Core Standards. Varying tasks are included! (DIGITAL included)
  • Multiplication or Division Task Cards: A complete set of 32 basic multiplication and division task cards. You can differentiate instruction by “scaffolding” the lesson…start out by having students simply determine whether you use division or multiplication to solve the problem, then move on to writing the equation, drawing a picture, solving, etc. (DIGITAL included)
  • Multiplication and Division (Writing Equations & Solving Task Cards) : A set of 40 task cards fully aligned to 3rd grade (perfect for differentiation for 2nd and 4th grade) Common Core Standards for writing and solving multiplication and division equations. The final 8 cards include all four operations so that the cards are fully and completely aligned to the Operations and Algebraic Thinking Common Core Standards.
  • Multiplication Equal Groups Task Cards : 32 task cards to practice multiplying equal groups! (DIGITAL included)
  • Basic Multiplication Word Problem Task Cards : 32 task cards to practice basic multiplication facts in word problem format. All are one digit by one digit multiplication and one step.

Answer Keys and Recording Sheets Included for All!

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Are you looking for even MORE multiplication resources?

Resort Report: A Multi-Digit Multiplication Project

Differentiated Multi-Digit Multiplication Task Cards

Multi-Digit Multiplication Error Analysis

What are real teachers saying about these multiplication task cards?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “STOP!!! LOOK NO FURTHER! As a 30 year veteran teacher of 3rd grade, I rate this **** 4 stars. The quality presented here is far and above that of similar products by any other seller. SIMPLY SUPERB!” – Kyle A.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My students love doing these task cards! We have used both the digital option and the print option and both are engaging and challenging for them as we work on the skills. Thank you for all the hard work!” – Janet P.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I love these task cards! There are so many ways to use them in the classroom. I love placing them around the room and having students work at their own pace – great time to help other students or work with small groups also!” – Wild Wonders Teaching

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