Math Task Cards

This FREE mini-set of fun road trip math task cards asks students to complete addition and subtraction math problems (and word problems!) to determine the information on various street signs. Students will also use problem solving skills to create their own creative street signs!

What's included in these FREE math task cards?

  • 12 printable math task cards
  • A recording sheet
  • An Answer Key
  • A DIGITAL, Google Slides version (perfect for paperless practice and virtual learning!)

This is the perfect quick critical thinking activity that combines real-life skills and math word problems in an engaging and challenging activity.

What are teachers saying about these math task cards?

“This will go GREAT with my race cars, construction, and traffic signs themed classroom. My 3rd graders will love this!!! Thanks for, yet again, another phenomenal resource.” – Chris Z.

“I had my 3rd-grade math intervention students work together in pairs to complete this activity. The cards totally challenged their brains, and they loved the visuals as well as the real-world aspect of the questions. I honestly think they didn't realize they were completing any of those dreaded “word problems”! Thank you for your generosity in sharing, and THANK YOU for making measurement such an awesome trip!” Janet B.

“This is GREAT! What a creative way to practice/work on math skills. Thank you for making learning fun for my students.”

“This is perfect for math stations with my struggling learners. I especially love that they have to create a problem..” Ruth D.

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