Math Projects BUNDLE | Digital and Printable

These real-world math projects have changed my math instruction and increased my students' critical thinking skills! This bundle of math projects includes thirteen discounted concept-based, differentiated, best-selling math projects.

13 *Highly Rated,* concept-based projects are included.

Wondering how to use these engaging projects in your classroom?

THIS blog post breaks down how Math Projects are the ultimate tool for engagement and differentiation.

ALL of the Math Projects are included in this discounted bundle in both a **PRINTABLE and DIGITAL** format.

The following 13 math projects and skills are included:

  1. The Great Zoo Review – Addition and Subtraction Math Project
  2. Movie Marathon – Division Math Project in TWO Differentiated Versions
  3. Breaking Up the Bakery – Fractions Math Project
  4. Place Value Detectives – Place Value Project
  5. Resort Report – Multi-Digit Multiplication Math Project
  6. Let’s Go Shopping – Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Math Project
  7. Market Math – Adding and Subtracting Decimals Math Project
  8. Under the Big Top – Graphing and Data Math Project
  9. Worldly Detectives – Elapsed Time Math Project
  10. Drone Deliveries – Coordinate Grid Math Project
  11. The City of Shapes – Perimeter and Area Math Project
  12. Theme Park Predicaments – Measurement and Geometry Math Project
  13. The Super Sports Scramble – Decimal Place Value Project

Grade Levels: This resource is meant to be a challenge and is best suited for Grades 4+. However, Addition and Subtraction, Place Value, Elapsed Time, and Graphing and Data projects are well-suited for 3rd grade.

Why Math Projects? These projects have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to practice the given skills and concepts in a wide variety of ways. Students are exposed to the concepts repeatedly and given ample opportunities for critical thinking. I created these math projects to help my students see real-world relevance in their learning.

The value of each of these individual projects, if purchased alone, is over $50.00! This bundle includes every math project listed in my store, EXCEPT the seasonal math projects, which can be purchased in a bundle HERE.

What are teachers saying?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Fantastic PBL resource! My students were engaged and challenged at the same time. It had the ability to scaffold the activities up for TAG students. I would highly recommend investing in the whole bundle. You won't be disappointed.” – Lisa F.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “These projects are fantastic! I am always looking for ways to make math more hands on for my students and this was exactly what they needed. These activities give my students a purpose for using what they have learned and they are having fun doing it! Great Job!” – Sara O.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Anything by Teaching with a Mountain View is FANTASTIC! I love these math projects and the holiday ones as well – so rigorous and so engaging and so easy to use!! You won’t regret this purchase.” – Loren V.

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