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Informational Text Structures Task Cards | Text Structure Printables



Perfect for your informational text structure study, these differentiated information text structure task cards contain 48 engaging and informative paragraphs. You can choose to use the 16 half-page task cards with one main topic and three paragraphs about each, or you can use each individual paragraph.

This Resource Includes the Following:

→16 Half Page Task Cards with 3 Comprehension Questions Each

→48 Quarter Page Task Cards with only the paragraphs for identifying text structure

→16 Full Page Printable Versions with Questions and Room to Answer

→Access to TWO Digital Google Slides versions to upload to GOOGLE CLASSROOM

(Please Note: All content is the same for the four options.)

These task cards cover the following types of Informational Text Structures:



Cause & Effect

Problem & Solution

Compare & Contrast

These non-fiction text structure task cards are perfect for whole group lessons, small group work, partner work, and individual literacy centers.

You have two options for differentiating your teaching!

Option #1: The first set of cards include 16 half-page cards which include three separate paragraphs about one general topic. Each paragraph was written with a different text structure in mind. Each card also includes 3 additional comprehension or text structure questions that require students to use the information from the paragraphs to answer them.

Option #2: The second option is the individual task cards, 48 in total, which include the **SAME** paragraphs from the half page cards, but there are no questions, and only one paragraph per card. The options are endless for how you want to use these cards!

Check out the preview and *ZOOM IN* for a closer look at some of the cards!

The topics of the cards are as follows:


The Fitful Flu


Exotic Pets

Winter Sports

Healthy Eating


Cool Schools



Benjamin Franklin


World Records

The Gaming World

The Human Body

Bird's Eye View

Digital Access UPDATE: After several requests, I now include a second digital access option, with just one passage per Slide! This is an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-read format that you and your students will love. Please see the video preview for more information and a look at the digital version of these informational text structures task cards.


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Cards and Questions are Common Core Aligned

RI.3.1 RI.3.2 RI.3.3 RI.3.4 RI.3.8 RI.3.9

RI.4.1 RI.4.2 RI.4.3 RI.4.4 RI.4.5 RI.4.6 RI.4.8 RI.4.9

RI.5.1 RI.5.2 RI.5.3 RI.5.4 RI.5.5 RI.5.8 RI.5.9

Non-Fiction Text Structure Task Cards

Informational Text Structure Task Cards

Text Structure Task Cards


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