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Informational Text Cumulative Project




Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to wrap up your study of informational text? THIS is the high-rigor, cumulative project you need. ‘Magazine Musings’ is a cumulative informational text project where students use ANY newspaper or magazine to showcase a deep understanding of informational text and text features.

How will students complete this project?

  • Step One: Find a parent/teacher approved newspaper or magazine
  • Step Two: Read the selection and mark stories and features of interest
  • Step Three: Label text features with sticky notes
  • Step Four: Work through a variety of higher-level comprehension tasks to evaluate the text. Use the included, leveled graphic organizers to help complete each nonfiction task.

Don’t want to complete the entire project?

You can also assign the individual graphic organizers separately instead of using this resource as a final project.

Which reading skills are covered in this informational text project?

NOTE: Not all skills are covered in all levels. See the preview for a breakdown of skills in each level.

  • Finding the Main Idea & Analyzing Titles
  • Questioning
  • Point of View and Perspective
  • Analyzing Images
  • Text Features
  • Summarizing and Quoting Text
  • Vocabulary
  • Character Traits
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Reasons and Evidence
  • Text Structures

What’s included in this informational text cumulative project?

  • THREE levels of printable informational text projects (9-17 pages each)
  • Detailed rubric for each level (assessment is easy!)
  • DIGITAL versions in Google Slides

Assessment is easy with detailed rubrics! 

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