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Inference Project | Digital and Printable



What better way to practice inferencing than a highly-engaging and real-world inference project!? Engage your students in learning about and reviewing the crucial reading skill of INFERENCE with this 11-page DIGITAL and printable reading project.

Students will have a blast tagging along on a camping trip while practicing their inferencing skills along the way.

Each sheet reviews inferencing in a different way, allowing for easy differentiation! You can easily create different packets based on the ability of the different students in your class.

What's Included in this resource?

  • Full Color Printable Project (11 pages!)
  • Black and White (Ink Friendly) printable project
  • Digital Version in Google Slides

The following is a description of the various activities in the inference project packet:

  • A Camping We Will Go: Students examine four different pictures of various campsites and make inferences based on the pictures.
  • Character's Camping: Students look at four different campers and make inferences based on the picture.
  • A Hiking We Will Go: Students read different accounts of a hike-gone-wrong and make as many inferences about the hike as they can
  • Around the Campfire: Stories are told around the campfire, and students must solve a small mystery in these not-so-scary stories!
  • Heard Round the Campsite: Walking around the campsite, many conversations are heard. Students read four snippets of conversations and make inferences from what they hear.
  • In My Camping Bag: Students examine the contents of each person's camp bag and make inferences about the person carrying the bag.
  • Mystery Camp Detectives: Someone's camp bag has gone missing, and students use inference and some mystery clues to figure out who stole it!

Perfect for small groups, centers, whole group work, morning work, homework, enrichment, etc.

Ideal for grades 3+

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NOTE: The pages print beautifully in color, but have been tested and look GREAT in Black & White, too!


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