Inference Pictures Task Cards | Digital and Printable

Get ready to make inferences… using pictures! Use these 18 half page task cards to help your students understand the difference between literal and inferential questions. Each digital and printable card includes a a picture and literal and inferential questions about the pictures. Check out the preview for sample pages.

This resource now includes a digital version using Google Slides!

Teaching the difference between literal and inferential questions is a great way to enable students to pick out inferential questions and details. Use these 18 task cards to help your students infer meaning from pictures as well as tell the difference between inferential and literal questions.

You can use these in centers, small groups, intervention groups, or as a whole class. I highly recommend doing several cards together before sending them off on their own! Since many of the questions are inferential, you might find that the answers vary quite a bit!

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Literal & Inferential Comprehension Task Cards

Inference Task Cards with Pictures & Text

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