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In Your Teacher’s Shoes: A Back to School Activity for Bigger Kids



Looking for a back to school activity for bigger kids in upper elementary? I've got you covered! This back to school creative thinking activity is the perfect way to get to get your students thinking about the classroom and learn a little more about them in the process!

What is ‘In Your Teacher's Shoes: A Back To School Activity for Bigger Kids' All About?

We have all had those kids who were DYING to be the teacher (and weren’t we all one of them many moons ago?). Here is their chance! So often, kids have no idea all the things we think about at the beginning of the year. Now, your students have the chance to lay down the law for their own classroom. You can have your students select all, some, or one of the activities here. I plan to have my students work in partners and select the one they want to complete together, then share them as a whole class. I can’t wait to see what my kids come up with, and perhaps use some of their ideas!

What activities are included in this back to school resource?

  • Corralling The Kids: Classroom Set Up & Design
  • First Day Dilemma: Making a Schedule
  • Classroom Job Conundrum: Creating Jobs
  • Rules, Rules, Rules: Creating Rules both Serious and Silly
  • A Break for your Brain: Creating Brain Breaks for the classroom
  • Bulletin Board Bonanza: Create a catchy bulletin board for your class
  • Writing about your Worth: Writing a letter to new students all about you, the teacher (but really them, the student!)
  • Getting to Know You: Creating a Getting to Know You activity
  • Snacking Schedule: Create a snack schedule with a twist
  • Rewarding Rocking Behavior: Kids come up with a behavior plan

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