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Idioms Task Cards



Make idioms engaging with these creative task cards for elementary. Included are 2 sets of 34 task cards (68 DIFFERENTIATED Cards Total) with common idioms in pictures and then common idioms in pictures and with context clues. There are also small cards with idiom phrases to match to each picture task card. Use these for differentiation—if you are at the end of your idiom unit, try to use the picture cards as an assessment without the phrases. If it’s the beginning of your unit, or you have kids needing extra reinforcement, use the phrase cards to help them or have the students use the cards with the sentences in context! There are several options for differentiation depending on your student’s levels of understanding! The last sheet is a recording sheet that requires students to write their own definition of the idiom and use the idiom in an original sentence. I have left the last two blank so that students can create their own idiom images cards!

What's included in this idioms task cards resource?

  • Idioms Task Cards Set One (34 cards): Cards with a picture of each common idiom AND a printable idiom phrase to match with each picture card. A fun hands-on activity.
  • Idioms Task Cards Set Two (34 cards): Idiom picture card with idiom phrases written in context.
  • Student Recording Sheets
  • A digital, Google Slides version

Now includes a DIGITAL OPTION with the underlined phrases only

You can also buy these Idiom Task Cards as part of my Idioms Activity BUNDLE!

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