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GROUPS Acronym Poster for Classroom Management



The “Original” GROUPS Poster! I decided to post this freebie after the anchor chart from my blog was pinned thousands of times. I wanted to be able to provide teachers with a resource they could print out and use right away if they wanted to implement this classroom management idea!

I have had an original (less attractive) version hanging in my classroom for years. In addition, I have a small version that I hand out to kids nearly EVERY TIME we are working in groups. They sit in a circle and put it right in the middle of their group as a visual reminder to follow the GROUPS expectation. I hope you find success with this!

Be sure to follow me for more FREEBIES and Common Core Resources. Thanks so much!

This resource was visually updated in 2022 and also includes an ink-friendly version.
(The original design is also included in your download!

Original Blog Post with Anchor Chart


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