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Grammar Skill Review Flip Book 2



Your students will absolutely love this grammar skills flipbook, and you will love the rigor it provides. Are you looking to take grammar review to the next level? This is THE resource you need.

Each separate part/chapter of the flipbook tells its own story with its own unique story elements.  The five smaller chapters come together to tell one bigger story in the end! 

This is the second set of grammar comprehension flip books. This has a completely different story and tasks from set  #1.

This Grammar review flipbook provides students with a cohesive review of the following grammar skills:

  • Subordinating Conjunctions
  • Prepositions
  • Interjections
  • Coordinating Conjunctions

How can I use and prep this grammar skill review flipbook?

  • Flipbook with tabs
  • Regular Double-Sided Booklet for easy printing and assembly
  • Digital on Google Slides (Full Color)

How does this grammar skill review flipbook resource work? 

On the right-hand side of each section, there is a carefully crafted, high-interest story that unfolds over the course of five parts. Within each part of the story, there is a specific grammar skill reviewed.

On the left side of each section of the flipbook, students complete several skill-related tasks. For example, there is one section that focuses on subordinating conjunctions, one that focuses on prepositions, etc. There is also a comprehension quick check question for each section of the story.

All five parts go together to tell one long tale. Students should complete the entire resource over the course of several days. The final task asks them to put all of their reading skills together to write a summary of the story.

Please view the preview for actual images of the resource in use and more information.

Answer Key Included

A Note on Grade Levels: This resource is suitable for students in grades 3-5. However, please keep in mind that this resource should be completed WITH 3rd graders, scaffolded for 4th graders, and most 5th graders will be able to complete this task independently.


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