Grammar Lessons and Activities Bundle

This is a MASSIVE bundle of ALL my Giggles and Grammar Lessons! Teaching grammar skills is SO MUCH FUN with Giggles and Grammar! Your students will absolutely love learning all about critical grammar skills with these high-interest grammar pages designed to make teaching grammar engaging and fun! 

PLEASE NOTE: The stories in this resource are SILLY… very silly! Be prepared for a classroom full of giggles as you explore many grammar skills.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This activities can be used in standalone grammar lessons, but they have been specifically designed to accompany my step-by-step lesson slides for each concept, Giggles and Grammar Step-By-Step Lessons! 

Growing Bundle: Please note this is a growing bundle of grammar activities. The list below includes ALL 28 of the resources that will be included. The 27 BOLDED activities are already included, and the one italicized activity is coming very soon.

What’s included in each grammar activity?

  • 3 Printable Pages:
    • Page 1: Teaches the grammar concept and allows students to practice with an engaging, SILLY text.
    • Pages 2 and 3: Giggle-worthy practice that includes another goofy text, multiple choice questions, and written responses for a wide variety of authentic grammar practice.
      • Passage Note: One practice passage is informational and one practice passage is fictional. Both practice passages are very punny
      • The conjunctions set includes SEVEN printable pages: One teaching page, and two each for coordinating, subordinating, and correlative conjunctions.

  • Answer Keys
  • Digital Version in Google Slides

The following grammar skills are included:

  1. Nouns and Verbs*
  2. Adjectives and Adverbs*
  3. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs*
  4. Common and Proper Nouns*
  5. Concrete and Abstract Nouns*
  6. Possessive vs. Contractions*
  7. Irregular Verb Tenses*
  8. Helping and Linking Verbs*
  9. Conjunctions x 3 (Coordinating, Subordinating, Correlative)*
  10. Interjections*
  11. Pronouns*
  12. Relative Pronouns*
  13. Regular and Irregular Plural Nouns*
  14. Possessive Nouns*
  15. Prepositions*
  16. Using commas after prepositions*
  17. Subjects and Predicates*
  18. Commas in a Series*
  19. Dialogue*
  20. Quotation Marks*
  21. Simple and Compound Sentences*
  22. Complex Sentences*
  23. Fragments and Run-ons*
  24. Capitalization/Underlining Rules*
  25. Verb Tenses*
  26. Subject and Verb Agreement*
  27. Pronoun and Antecedent Agreement*
  28. Direct and Indirect Objects (**This resource is coming SOON)

*Digital Versions: Digital versions have been added to the sets with an asterisk.

How can I use this lesson in my classroom?

  • Introduce adjectives and adverbs
  • Review
  • Homework
  • Intervention

Grade Levels: This resource is best for grades 3 and up. The passages are written at an average of a 4th grade level to meet a wide variety of student needs.

These grammar lessons are sure to bring out the giggles in your classroom – they're such a FUN way to explore grammar! 

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