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FREE Task Card Bingo Game Boards



I absolutely ADORE using task cards in my classroom. They engage my students in meaningful, varied practice of difficult skills. I am always looking for new ways to use them!

I created these task card “Bingo” boards for a set of Multiplication Christmas Task Cards I created years ago and finally decided to adapt them to be used with ANY set of 32 task cards.

Playing is easy. Simply print a game board for each student—they are all different. Select a set of task cards for the topic at hand. You can either mix them up or complete them in order. I project one to four cards on my document camera at a time and students write their answers in the table to the right. If they get the answer correct, they get to color in the card number on the “Bingo” board to the left. (Example: If they are working on card #23, they write the answer in the table on the right. If they get the correct answer, they shade in 23 on their board.) I allow students to get “Bingo” in a variety of ways, most often by getting four across or all eight going down.

HAVE FUN! My students absolutely LOVE using task cards this way!

Check out my BUNDLE OF BUNDLES, a GIANT bundle of over 1,000 reading skills task cards!

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