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Fractions Activity Packet, Task Cards, Math Centers



A combination of my THREE popular fraction activities, plus an extra!

Simplest Form: Teach kids to put fractions into simplest form with this fun activity using M&Ms! Provide each student or group with a small bag of M&Ms to complete this activity. (This is the same as my Simplest Form M&Ms Activity sold individually)

Task Cards: A set of 28 task cards that require students to identify a variety of fractions using pictures, word problems, etc. These task cards can be used in a variety of ways–centers, partner work, as a whole class, homework, etc. These are great for differentiated instruction as they range in difficulty! Your kids will love practicing their fraction skills using these full color task cards! (These are the same as THESE fraction task cards, which are also sold individually) See below to more fraction task cards not included in this pack.

Fraction Human: This is an engaging activity for students who are working on fractions! Your students will love creating their very own “Fraction Human” by carefully following the instructions. This is perfect for a center activity, whole group activity, a homework project, or for an assessment.

Fraction Trail Mix: Provide your students with some goodies to make the perfect trail mix using their fraction skills!

**Check out the Preview for more details!

Check out my HUGE Fraction Concepts Task Card Bundle! for more fraction practice!


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