Fraction Operations Error Analysis

Engage your students with 16 Error Analysis worksheets covering all fraction operations, including multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, adding fractions, and subtracting fractions.

This error analysis packet includes:

  • 5 Adding Fractions Error Analysis Tasks
  • 4 Subtracting Fractions Error Analysis Tasks
  • 3 Multiplying Fractions Error Analysis Tasks
  • 4 Dividing Fractions Error Analysis Tasks

While most errors are related to the process of the operation, I have included a few that address skills such as simplifying the answer and writing whole number fractions correctly when they appear in equations. The errors range from the most simple of errors to more abstract errors, making this perfect for differentiation!

Digital Access: This resource now includes Digital Access via Google Slides.

Each fraction error analysis includes a place for the student to explain the mistake, share a strategy or a rule to prevent making the same mistake again, and rework the problem on their own.

I began creating Error Analysis sheets for my students after reading about Marzano’s New Taxonomy, or Systems of Knowledge. Under Analysis he lists Error Analysis as an exceptional to promote thinking and learning.

My students LOVE error analysis, and I have even seen kids take error analyses out to recess because they are determined the figure out what error took place, or the perfect wording to describe what happened. Some of these are tricky, but the kids get a sense of satisfaction out of figuring out what went wrong!

Answer keys with POSSIBLE answers have been included, and I have included a blank error analysis page for you to create your own based on errors students in your class are making. You can use these error analysis as warm ups with the whole class, as an assessment, math centers, or enrichment for early finishers! Have fun!

Grades 4+

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