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First Day of School Activity, Find Someone Who



This popular back to school activity “Find Someone Who…” encourages students to collaborate and roam around the room on the first day of school to meet and greet their new classmates. With prompts such as “Find someone who was born in a month that has more than 6 letters” students are prompted to talk with other kids in the class.

I use this activity as THE very first whole class activity we complete on the first day of school. It gets the students out of their seats, talking to one another, and a little bit more comfortable with the room! Have fun!

What's included in this first day of school activity?

  • 2 printable pages of ‘find someone who' questions – a total of 60 different questions
  • A digital version in Google Slides!

I have updated the file to include two different pages, for a total of 60 different questions. This will get the kids talking even more!

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