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Get ready to teach figurative language with this set of ELA anchor charts that are perfect for upper elementary. These figurative language anchor chart templates are the perfect way to decorate your classroom, prepare for a lesson, and give students tools they can refer back to any time.

These ELA anchor chart templates are inspired by the well-loved anchor charts I have featured on my blog for years!

Each anchor chart includes visuals, detailed descriptions, and more. They're the perfect resource to have on hand so you're ready to create beautiful anchor charts in third, fourth, and fifth grades.

How To Use These ELA Anchor Charts:

  • As a template to create an anchor chart with your class
  • As a printable quick reference guide
    • Print and bind or staple for quick reference

  • To print and glue into interactive notebooks
  • As mini anchor charts during centers 

What is Included in this set of figurative language anchor charts:

  • A full color set of anchor chart templates (covering 9 types of figurative language)
    • Similes
    • Metaphors
    • Onomatopoeia
    • Alliteration
    • Personification
    • Allusion
    • Hyperbole
    • Oxymoron

  • A low-color version of all templates with space to add student notes
  • A reference poster that includes all 9 types of figurative language on a single page
  • A reference poster that uses a picture to demonstrate similes, allusion, personification, metaphors, and hyperbole.

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