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End of the Year Awards



**OVER 125 END OF THE YEAR AWARDS IN MULTIPLE FORMATS, INCLUDING GOOGLE SLIDES!** End of Year Awards Classroom Superlatives are Positive for ALL students! These awards are the ultimate way to celebrate your students at the end of the year!

Included are 125 unique award certificates to hand out to kids as awards or superlatives toward the end of the year. You can have students vote on these or choose them yourself. Every single award is unique to your students so no two students get the same award.

Your kids will be grinning ear to ear when they receive their award! I began handing out these awards in 2010, and my students have loved them year after year. I hope your students love these end of the year awards as much as mine have!

*The #1 Selling End of the Year Awards year after year and the all-time best selling End of the Year Awards on TpT!*

What you will find in this End of the Year Awards Bundle:

  • Two versions of 125 printable awards in PDF format (Original & Ink Saver)
  • DIGITAL Google Slides Version of all 125 Awards & Directions for Use (Ink Saver Version Only)
  • A Semi-Editable PowerPoint file to add CUSTOM Awards
  • Two PowerPoint files with 125 editable and printable awards (to add names and dates)
  • Editable Nomination or Award Tracker Form
  • PDF file with 4 Christian Awards & 3 Canadian Spelling Awards (original version only)
  • A PowerPoint file with the editable Christian and Canadian awards

** I also have STAFF END OF YEAR AWARDS! **

The 125+ unique awards include:

Friendly Neighbor

Morning Person

Right Hand Man

Right Hand Woman

Always Smiling

Problem Solver

Listening Ear

Class Comedian

Never a Dull Moment

Ravenous Reader

Mr. Sports

Ms. Sports


Writing Wizard

American Idol

Ray of Sunshine

Future Teacher

Amazing Artist

Computer Whiz

Future Scientist

Future President

Heading to Hollywood (Actress/Actor)



Guiding Light

Handwriting Hero

Word Whiz

Leader of the Pack (Line Leader award)


Daring Dancer

Dreamer (For Creative Imaginations)

Out of My Shell

Wonderful Worker

Happy Helper

Road Runner

Mr. Caring

Ms. Caring

Snicker Starter (For always making us laugh!)

All Around All-Star

Soaring toward Success (Most Improved)

Awesome Attendance

King & Queen of Questions

Daring Diver (For diving right in)

Outstanding Organizer

Creative Kid

Mr. Cooperative

Ms. Cooperative

Stick to It Award (For never giving up)


Mother Nature

History Buff

Curious Cat

Attitude is Everything

Fact Fanatic (Math Fact Award)

Super Speller

Mr. Green (Environmentally friendly kiddo)

Green Goddess (Environmentally friendly kiddo)

Pro Puzzler (Enjoys solving puzzles)

Score Keeper (Healthy Competition)

“Let Me Tell You All About It” (Full of facts and trivia)

Brilliant Behavior

Stellar Sharing


Homework Hero

Number Ninja

The “Now I know My ABCs Award”

The Bomb at Baseball

Mr. Manners

Ms. Manners


Astounding Attendance (alternate attendance award)

Mr. Congeniality

Ms. Congeniality

Mother Hen

Mr. Nice Guy

Storytelling Star

Ingenious Innovator

Honor Roll Royalty

Soccer Star

Musical Maestro

Dancing Queen

Dancing King

Super Star of Student Council

Morning News Master

Future Weatherman


Strong Arm (ALWAYS Raises Hand)

Most Improved Mathematician

Most Improved Rad Reader

Spanish Superstar

French Fanatic

Squeaky Clean (For always helping clean up)

The “Dot your i and cross your t” Award (For always finding mistakes)

Super Smiler

Quiet Achiever

Stylin' and Smilin'

Marvelous Messenger

Lyrical Genius

Hug Bug

Pencil Keeper

Phenomenal Friend


Life of the Party

Future YouTube Star


Queen of Emojis

King of Emojis

Morning Meeting Master

STEM Superstar

Bottle Flipping Fanatic

Superb Sportsmanship

Eager Reader


Goal Getter

Fabulous Fidget Collector

Multiplication Champion

Division Champion

Marvelous Mathematician

The Creative Classmate

Passionate Peer

Stand Up Students

Growth Mindset Guru

Eager & Expressive

Pop It Power

The Inventor

**Due to many requests, I also have included a separate file with 4 Bible/Prayer Awards for Christian Schools and a file with 3 Canadian Awards with Canadian spelling**

  • Bible Whiz
  • Enthusiastic Praiser
  • Bible Scholar
  • Prayer Warrior
  • Friendly Neighbour
  • Future Prime Minister
  • Honour Roll Royalty

About Custom Awards: I have added a semi-editable slide so that you can add your own CUSTOM awards. This slide is ONLY available in the ink-saver version and allows you to edit the award title and description. Please note that you will need to download specific fonts (information included in the file) to match the other awards.

About the PowerPoint Version: The PowerPoint Version allows you to add text boxes and type in the names, date, and teacher name! To use the PPT version, simply open the Powerpoint file and add text boxes where you want to add names. (Note: You can't edit the certificates, but you CAN type in the names).

About Nominations: I have also added a list of all the awards if you choose to have your students nominate them. Also includes an editable nomination form so that you can type in your own list of awards.

LAST UPDATED 4/01/2022

End of the year awards

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