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Early Finisher Task Cards



60 Task Cards for Early Finishers! Rather than have your students work on “busy work,” engage them with these Early Finisher task cards. With many different types of tasks that cover Bloom's and tap into the different learning styles of children, these task cards will provide you with weeks worth of answers to the question “I'm done. What do I do?”

All you need to do is print the task cards and sent your students off to work and have fun…No other supplies necessary!

What's Included in this Early Finisher Task Card Resource?

  • 60 printable early finisher task cards
  • A student recording sheet to indicate which card(s) they have completed and self-assess their effort as they complete the cards.
  • A DIGITAL, Google Slides version, perfect for Google classroom, virtual learning, and paperless practice.  (60 slides of practice!)

What are teachers saying about these Early Finisher Task Cards?

This was a great morning work activity. My students came into the classroom, and if they finished their bell work they would select a partner and a few cards to work on! I found that it really built a culture of community in our classroom, and students practiced accountable talk with their partner using topics that they were comfortable talking about. It was fun, engaging, and really helped them in other subjects as well! ” – Simply Peachy

“Holy grail of task cards” – Madeleine T.

“This was a tremendous time-saver and helped a veteran teacher! It easy to apply and differentiate in the classroom. The text and visuals allowed me to address adaptations and modifications needed for students.” Mary D.

You can buy these as part of my Early Finisher Task Card Bundle!

A bundle of three different early finisher task cards (INCLUDING THESE) for a discounted price! (Do not buy separately if you purchase the bundle.)

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