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Division Project



Long division takes copious amounts of practice to master, and the best kind of practice is real world and authentic! Engage your students with this division project designed to help them practice long division (no matter what method you teach).

Extend and enrich division skills with real-world practice that doesn't feel like math! Students get to explore the ins and outs of their own movie theatre as they use their long division skills.

What's Included in this Division Math Project Resource?

  • TWO differentiated printable 9-page division math projects
  • Printable Version One – is advanced, with extensive long division and 2 and 3 digit divisors. This version is recommended for 5th grade and up OR 4th graders who have mastered division with one-digit divisors.
  • Printable Version Two – ALL one-digit divisors. There are a few problems with five-digit dividends as well as a few spots where students must complete multiplication. It is aligned to 4th grade division standards. (Note: There is one single two-digit divisor problem in the one-digit divisor set due to the price of an item. You may skip this one or use it as a challenge problem!)
  • A digital, Google Slides, version (created in 2021) of each of the printable projects – this version is horizontal and has been optimized for digital use. You can preview this version in its entirety in the video preview on this listing.
  • A 2nd set of vertical digital versions that is identical to the printable versions
  • An answer key! The last 9 pages of each printable document are answer keys.

What are teachers saying about ‘Movie Marathon' a Division Project?

Super engaging and fun resource to practice division- gave my students that finish quickly something challenging to work on! Thank you!” – Katharine J.

“I used this activity as an independent project at the end of our Multiplication and Division unit. I was able to give extra help to the kids who needed it while the other students happily worked away on their “movie projects.”” – Erin G.

“Long division can be so boring, and I've heard my student groan about it in past years. Not this year! They love these projects and it makes practicing these concepts fun and engaging. The real-life aspect is very motivating for them.” – Cynthia L.

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