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DIFFERENTIATED Antonym Task Matching Cards Vocabulary Word Work



There are TEN different sets of 24 cards each, ready for your kids to match antonyms. Starting with card set A1 as the easiest and getting progressively more difficult as you move through the sets, with the most difficult set being A10.

You can use these as assessments, in centers, as independent work, etc. Simply cut the pages out on cardstock and laminate if desired. Then, separate the cards into sets A1-A10, putting the title ANTONYMS card on top. For your students needing reinforcement, start at card set A1 and progress through the set. If your students are already comfortable with the concept of antonyms and have a more advanced vocabulary, start them at card set A4 or 5!

There are three blanks at the end of each group so that you can add your own or your students can create their own as well! **Answer key included**

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