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Dictionary and Reference Skills Flipbook




Can your students use a dictionary? With this step-by-step dictionary and reference skills flipbook, your students will become totally confident in using and understanding dictionary entries.

Are you looking to take reading skill instruction to the next level? This is THE resource you need.

This dictionary and reference skills flipbook covers the following information:

  • What is a dictionary?
  • Alphabetical order
  • Reading a dictionary entry (entry word, pronunciation, parts of speech, definition, sentence)
  • Guide words
  • Multiple meaning words
  • Pronunciation
  • Syllables
  • Putting all dictionary skills together

Use and Prep Options

•Flipbook with tabs

•Regular Double-Sided Booklet for easy printing and assembly

Digital on Google Slides (Full Color)

How It Works:

On the left side of each section of the flipbook, students learn about several dictionary skill-related tasks. These sections teach about: alphabetical order, reading an entry, guide words, pronunciation, syllables, multiple meaning words, and more!

On the right-hand side of each section, there is a place to try out these new skills! Each of these righthand pages includes clear information and graphics designed specifically to help students become confident in their new dictionary skills.

The final page asks students to put all of the skills together as they analyze a dictionary entry.

NOTE: A physical dictionary is not required to complete these pages.

Answer Key Included

A Note on Grade Levels: This resource is suitable for students in grades 3-5. However, please keep in mind that this resource should be completed WITH 3rd graders, scaffolded for 4th graders, and most 5th graders will be able to complete this task independently.


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