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Coordinate Graph Bundle


Teach all about coordinate graphs in upper elementary math with this DIGITAL and PRINTABLE bundle of engaging math resources. These four coordinate graph resources will help you teach students how find and position pairs of integers on a coordinate plane using engaging real world scenarios. Differentiate learning by choosing the activities, pages, and questions that best suit each student in your class!

What's Included in this Coordinate Graph Resource Bundle?

  • Coordinate Graph Math Task Cards – 32 engaging coordinate graph math task cards (including answer keys and a digital, Google Slides, version!)
  • Drone Deliveries: A Coordinate Graph Math Project – While students practice a multitude of coordinate grid skills, they will imagine themselves as pilots in charge of drones that deliver packages for the fictional company Amazion!
  • Coordinate Graph Error Analysis Tasks – This higher-level critical thinking activity an exceptional way to promote thinking and learning. Students will look at ‘solved' coordinate graph questions, identify errors, and re-solve the problem correctly!
  • Coordinate Grid Activity – It's time to get gardening! In this free and fun activity, students will explore a coordinate graphs through real world garden scenario.


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