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Context Clues Activities


Teaching Context Clues is easy with this activity bundle that's perfect for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades! Students will love the creative and silly context clues activities, and you'll love the rigor and standards-based content that requires almost no prep! (Just print.. that's it!)

This year long context clues bundle has enough activities, lessons and ideas to keep you going from back to school until the bell rings at the end of the year.

SIXTEEN engaging context clues activities are already included, and all* resources include a digital, GOOGLE Slides version that's ready for at-home learning and digital classrooms.

Which Context Clues Activities are included in this ultimate bundle?

Seasonal Context Clues Resources:

  1. Back to School Context Clues
  2. Halloween Context Clues
  3. Thanksgiving and Fall Context Clues
  4. Holiday Context Clues
  5. Valentine's Day Context Clues
  6. Spring Context Clues
  7. End of the Year Context Clues

Context Clues Task Card Bundle Resources

  1. Context Clues Task Cards (Multiple Choice)
  2. Context Clues Task Cards (Fill in the Blank)
  3. Context Clues Task Cards (Read a Paragraph)
  4. Context Clues Task Cards (Use a Dictionary)
  5. Context Clues Task Cards (Multiple Meaning Words)

Other Context Clues Activities

  1. Context Clues Activities
  2. Context Clues Project
  3. Context Clues ToppleBlocks Game*
  4. Context Clues Flip Book

(*The Context Clues ToppleBlocks™ resource does not include a digital version, as it is a hands-on game )

What are teachers saying about the Context Clues Activities included in this bundle?

I teach 2nd grade but have mostly higher lever readers. This was perfect. I stuck these all over the classroom and had the class do a scavenger hunt for them while answering the questions in pairs. They really enjoyed this activity and I loved hearing the discussion while they tried to figure out the correct meanings of the words. Thank you for your hard work!” – BH Designs (Context Clues Task Cards)

“I used this with my in person kids and distance learning kids. The resource worked great with both. We are almost done with this context clues journey and the kids are loving learning about a new country. It is also such a great way to keep the students interested at the same time challenging them when it comes to context clues. Thank you for this amazing resource! ” – Erin T. (Context Clues Project)

“One of the best resources I have used for practicing context clues. I highly recommend! It was perfect for holiday as well. ” – Kelly R. (Holiday Context Clues Task Cards)


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