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Engage your students in analyzing character change and development with these 16 half-page character change task cards! They have been carefully designed to help your students see how characters develop and change throughout the course of a story.

Included in this resource:

  • 16 Half-Page Character Change and Development Task Cards
  • Full-page version of stories for annotating and close reading
  • Google Slides version for digital use
  • Answer Key and Recording Sheet

I created these task cards as a quick and easy way for my students to see HOW and WHY characters change over time.

I have included a recording sheet for students to fill out to show how the characters act and their traits at the beginning and end of the story and also to record the event that happens that is their catalyst for change.

This is a great way for students to work with character development and change before doing so in authentic texts, which are much longer and more complex.

*Now also includes each passage on an individual, full page. These are perfect for close reading and note-taking!

**These are also included in my CHARACTER STUDY TASK CARD BUNDLE!**

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