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Author’s Purpose Paired Passages



Are your students ready to tackle Author's Purpose in a new, rigorous way? This is THE resource you need! These paired passages have been thoughtfully created to teach students how to integrate information from two different high-interest INFORMATIONAL TEXT passages and apply their author's purpose reading skills to their nonfiction reading.

This resource includes both a printable and digital (Google Slides) version!

This set of nonfiction paired passages (two passages total) includes three mini booklets with informational text passages, simply print double-sided and fold.

Booklet #1: Story #1 “Kobe Bryant” with annotation guide, Comprehension Questions, Author's Purpose Tasks

Booklet #2: Story #2 “Stephen Curry” with annotation guide, Comprehension Questions, Author's Purpose Tasks

Booklet #3: Paired Passages Author's Purpose Questions and Activities

This resource is perfect for review, test prep, and teaching paired passages. It is recommended for grades 4+, though it can be completed with many 3rd graders when given assistance.

These are almost completely black and white for easy printing.

Suggested answers included for answers that are not opinion-based.


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